Mobile Wheelchair Lifts for Temporary Access

Portable wheelchair lifts cater to the requirements of those with limited physical mobility by opening the outside world to them. Portable wheelchair makes travel easy for them. They help them get on with their day-to-day life and help them readily access elevated platforms, stages, porches and outside bleachers.
The apparatus can be utilized on both curved and straight stairways and operated with and without electrical power. Most advanced versions can be found in a variety of configurations. They’re equipped with security features such as locking cable for unauthorized usage, failsafe electromagnetic brake, incorporated tie down straps for holding wheel chair securely on the stage, rocker alternative, handheld controllers, limited manual and wiring back up methods to provide reliable operation during power failure.
Benefits of Operation
The individual using this mobile lift can gradually set the wheelchair on the stage of wheelchair elevator and push the power button on it to maneuver the stage to a higher ground. The mobile version can be utilized in almost any place where stairs are a barrier and can be operated either on a wall or tower, depending on the necessity. It can be compactly packed and put away when not in use. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage and requires no electricity, battery or hydraulic components to function. Stanley Handling
Producers such as Adaptive Engineering and Savaria offer mobile wheelchair lifts in distinctive designs including traditional adult wheelchairs, sports wheelchairs, power wheelchairs and child wheelchairs. Purposeful survey and evaluation would help you get a product suited to your requirements. For competent installation and service, get in touch with a proven lift and lift dealer.
Try using the manually powered portable wheelchair lift – Mobilift CX where installing an elevator is impossible or expensive. The multipurpose, Mobilift CX is a vertical platform lift made by Adaptive Engineering. It can be used for indoor and outdoor applications since no electricity, battery or hydraulic components are necessary to operate the elevator. With the support of the quality portable wheelchair lifts, handicapped persons can easily access elevated platforms, phases, porches and outside bleachers.
Besides this, DAY Elevator & Lift offers portable inclined platform wheelchair lifts fabricated by Savaria. We’ve got Roby powered stair climber with rich features.